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Friday, February 17, 2017

NatureFootstep Exhibition Feb 2017

I think none of you have visited what is my Homepage NatureFootstep.com
After the exhibition I plan to actually use it as my art blog. And use my main blog, NF Photography and photoart for mainly photography!

Might work! 

This post is for my exhibition. It has been up 4 days now and will stay till Feb 27. 
I have created a file for the photos in the exhibition where you can see them. So far I have only started it. Will fill it up later. 

click to enlarge photos
 This one I have a buyer for :)

I am the one standing. 

Linking up with Paint Party Friday 

Monica at NatureFootstep

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Exhibition in February 2017

Welcome to my Exhibition

I will share my photo artwork based on my own photography.

I also welcome Johan Klinthammar who will share some of his Astro and Aurora images. 

Participating is also Hanne Karlsson with knitted dolls.

The Exibition will take place in "Hörnan", in the Library of Katrineholm. 
Opens in Feb 13 at 16.00 h and closing in Feb 27, morning. 
 Opening hours (öppettider) is the same as for the Library

Monica Johansson aka NatureFootstep

Johan Klinthammar, jfkfoto

                                     Hanne Karlsson, dolls

Thursday, October 27, 2016

About me!

I am Monica Johansson and my alias and artist name is NatureFootstep

I am a nature photographer and digital artist. Love to travel and have visited 29 countries. In my art I use my own images and often use the ones from my travels.

I live in Sweden and is now retired.

If you want to contact me please write to   Monica@naturefootstep.com

Saturday, February 14, 2015

My bird blogs

This is bird blogs from Sweden, where I live, and birding trips I´ve been on. Costa Rica and Morocco is complete but not the others. 

Birds in Europe                 birds in Sweden, Camargue and Scotland
Birds in Costa Rica
Birds in Morcocco
Birds in Australia
Birds around the World     Birds in Honolulu, Iceland, Norway so far